Now Energy, LLC has been Austin's most trusted solar panel installation service. Our high-quality products can help you save big on your monthly electric bills. If you don't want to take our word for it, take a look at what some of our customers have to say about our products and services so that you can decide for yourself!
To begin with, you have to understand that I already knew of the company whose panels I wanted to have installed on my roof. So I worked backwards from there. Suniva Inc. out of Georgia produces the highest rated photovoltaic cells in the industry. Knowing that, I contacted them asking how I could find a qualified installer for their product here in Austin. I was given the name of Crawford Electric which is a huge electric company here in Texas. They purchase large quantities of Suniva's panels and make them available to the retail installers across Texas. It was Crawford who turned me onto Now Energy and I must admit, I'm most appreciative for their referral!

I met with Shane in late October or early November of last year at which time he gave me gobs of literature and referrals to websites for me to better understand how the solar process worked and how Now Energy integrated with Austin Energy. Our follow-up meeting allowed me to ask some unanswered questions of Shane and his team. Satisfied with what I heard, I asked Shane to draw up an installation proposal. One of his lead installers came out to do what is called a "mapping" of my roof. This helped determine the number of panels my system could handle and gave Shane the necessary information to complete his bid. Once the deposit was paid in early December, the actual installation was concluded before Christmas. By the time the City and Austin Energy both concluded their inspections in January (Christmas and New Year's definitely interfered), I suspect Austin Energy installed my solar meter sometime in mid-January!

One suggestion I might make is that you pay for Enphase Energy's Envoy system and download the app to your phone. I've found this very useful in regularly checking all the inverters attached to the panels. One such inverter stopped working in April and I tracked it for about a month before
contacting Shane. It was determined that the particular inverter had failed and Enphase's product replacement and Now's installation were both free of charge. The electricity conversion that I was told would take place is happening and via the phone app, I can see the amount of production per day and even per panel! The system appears to be working as well as Shane initially described and I appear to be on target for paying off my residual, post-credit dollar outlay in 6 to 7 year's time!
So, in a nutshell, I'm pleased as punch that I have Suniva's panels on my roof, complete with Enphase's inverters. And most importantly, I'm super pleased to have Now Energy as my system overseer! They did a great job installing and their after install attention has been exemplary! Should you ultimately decide to use Now Energy for your install, you can be assured that you'll be in good hands with Shane and his team! Hope my comments prove to be helpful! Good luck.

- Brian

I wanted to take advantage of a City of San Marcos and federal income tax rebate on solar energy, so I gave Shane Swan a call. He answered all of my questions about solar energy, everything from how it works to how it increases the value of your home without increasing your property taxes.

Shane and Jaime did a wonderful job with my solar panel installation. They showed up on time, they didn't leave with the job half-done like many contractors do, and there was minimal disruption to the family. Shane made sure the city permit and inspection process was a breeze. Jaime returned to uninstall and reinstall the panels when I had to have my roof replaced because of the Halloween 2015 storm. Again, excellent communication, tidy and reliable. Jaime also upgraded the panel supports at no charge. My house isn't fully solar, but my average electric bill has gone down by $40 a month even with rate increases!

I would definitely recommend Shane Swan of Now Energy to my friends and neighbors.

- Becky L., San Marcos

If you want a reliable, professional, responsive and cost efficient solar company - this is it.

Now Energy completed my first solar install of 156 panels flawlessly and in record time. I have been so satisfied with their services that I am installing a second system of 76 panels on a second building. Shane always answers his phone, invites questions and explains solar concept in simple to understand terms for the layman. His entire crew is professional, well-mannered and easy to deal with.

My electric bill is clearly going in the right direction to where I anticipate having a credit with the utility company this year. I can't recommend this company highly enough.

- David C., Dripping Springs

Probably the youngest solar company in Austin. The company's been around for a year or so, but Shane, the owner of the company, and many of his people have been in business for much longer than that.

Shane himself drives around town, talks to people and submits bids. He was almost always on time, or if he was running late, he called and explained why. He's been very straightforward and very competitive: Shane, when he saw proposals from other companies on my desk, did not run away, like some other guys, but made me his best offer. He was also very patient and very easy to talk with: I took pretty long time to make up my mind, and he never got impatient. I decided to give them my business because I liked their price and I also liked that they are young and ambitious.

After I signed the paperwork, my solar system was installed (very promptly) and connected to the grid (not so promptly, but this is mostly Austin Energy's fault, I think) without any issues. It has been working for little over a month now, and my first electric bill shows -$6.50 total charge
(note the "-" sign). So far, I am quite happy with both my decisions: to install solar panels and to choose Now Energy for this project.

- Andrei F., Austin

Now Energy installed my solar system. Work was completed as contracted for and on schedule. Personnel were professional, knowledgeable and responsive. I would recommend this company to anyone who is considering solar.

- Dee Wright

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